It is a funny thing experience.  When something challenging happens to us we say there must be something that we are to learn from it.   This is likely the root of the expression older the wiser.   Yesterday I read another expression that is sticking with me.

“Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens.”

I thought this was brilliant as I am back on my feet after the crash.  I am running, dreaming of the next thing, excited about all that is ahead.   The crash confused me as I got stuck on the why and what am I supposed to learn?  Perhaps it does not matter why or what but how I took it on and where I am going to go because of it.   I have a tendency to really investigate myself when an obstacle occurs or am presented with a challenge.   I think I am going to put a lot more energy into investigating and understanding when all is going right because as the expression goes – experience is what you do with what happens.  This is in all that happens.  Have joy, share joy.  I have a lot to spread around.


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